Across the Street, Around the World: Notes from Abroad

Hey Y’all! It’s your friendly neighborhood Arts & Life Editor, here to check in with Millsaps. I recently got back from the Yucatan, where I attended Dr. Coats’ and Dr. Griffin’s “Sun, Sand, & Cults of Death” class.  ( They even made me write a blog: Our fearless literary leaders led us all over the Yucatecan Peninsula. We met many stray dogs. We played soccer with Mayan children. We even grew as people, or at least I did. I cannot recommend the Millsaps study abroad program enough, and I still cannot believe the generosity of the Robinson family, who enabled me to go on this dream trip. But enough about me. We also checked in with a few other people from Millsaps to see what they’re up to:

Dr. Eric Griffin, Yucatan & Ireland 

download (1)(Taken from a Facebook Interview:)  I’ll play. Tell me this ain’t cool–I’m abroad, and having attended the ‘Latitudes: Irish Studies in an International Context’ conference at University College Dublin all morning, the next order of business is to make a holy pilgrimage to the Guinness Brewery! Last night I was able to do some preliminary research. I’m attaching textual proof:


Corissa Lambert, Vietnam

    Let me start off first by saying YOU NEED TO STUDY ABROAD. Just do it. I was able download (2)to experience  the cultures of Vietnam and Cambodia, which  I never thought I would.  The scenery, food, and  the people were incredible.  One of my favorite parts of the trip was definitely being able to try new kinds of food- wild boar, water buffalo, bee larvae, and grasshopper, just to name a few. We were able to see many historical sites such as Khe San, My Lai, the Killing Fields, etc. However, the best  parts of the trip were the times spent exploring and adventuring freely. We got to ride a water buffalo, swim at the bottom of a waterfall, play with monkeys, ride elephants, and get fish foot massages.  Short and sweet; it was an unbelievable experience.