Alexander Excited for Potentially Record-Breaking Freshman Class

by Jules Gonsoulin


In fall 2014, Millsaps College welcomed a freshman class much larger than in recent years. This admissions season, Robert Alexander, the college’s vice president for enrollment and communications, is optimistic that Millsaps will again recruit a sizable and diverse group of first-year students.

“It’s a record number of applications,” Alexander stated, adding that this was also achieved in 2014 and the current application count is “well ahead of last year.” Statistically, Millsaps is seeing a year-to-date 30 percent increase in applications from potential freshmen. That number is indicative not only of the hard work by the college’s admissions team, but also of the reward coming from recent campus improvements, such as the updated cafeteria or the baseball field renovations.

“We want to make sure the current students are very excited about that,” Alexander said, adding that student enthusiasm is crucial to the entire admissions process. On April 10, the college will welcome a large number of prospective students to campus for the annual Open Doors event. This year’s event will again feature the ‘80s cover band The Molly Ringwalds.

When asked what has made Millsaps so much more attractive to prospective students in the past two years, Alexander said, “We have expanded our recruiting efforts, both geographically, wider, and earlier in time to try to reach high school sophomores, juniors, instead of starting with seniors.” Alexander explained that when he arrived at Millsaps, he felt the admissions team was “coming into the game a little too late.” This strategy could explain why more prospective students are now opting to attend Millsaps instead of typical state school choices like Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

Alexander stated that the admissions team looks to recruit students who are “academically motivated, first and foremost, but also really engaged.” He hopes students will enthusiastically help the admissions team in recruiting yet another massive freshman class. “Everyone who attends or works at Millsaps has a role to play in recruiting students!”

Students can offer much-needed help on April 10 by volunteering to host prospective students and bring them to the Molly Ringwalds concert. Aside from that, Alexander asks that students proudly fly the flag, wear the shirt, and generally show a healthy amount of school spirit, even adding that he will personally take Ole Miss shirts off students’ hands in return for a brand-new Millsaps shirt.

To volunteer to host students for the Open Doors event, email Robert Alexander at

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