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An Asian American Woman from Mississippi

At a young age, I knew I had to live within the standards of my race. I knew I had to be smart and excel in school to make my family proud. I succeeded for a while in elementary and middle school. However, my focus on intelligence hindered me from having close friends and better communication skills. In high school, I could not handle my academic challenges and felt paralyzed. My personal and academic obstacles looked like boulders that couldn’t be moved. During high school and college, I did not have the tools I needed to achieve my goals. Up until now, I did not realize that I was stuck on the destination of my journey and the things I disliked instead of my progress and being more kind to myself. My journey has and still is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and growth as an Asian American woman in Mississippi. I realize that I made my ethnicity and its aspects as my whole identity rather than a part of me. As a result, I did not explore my identity and care for my mental health. I know now that my identity is not just my race. I am an Asian American woman who wants to shoot for the stars and believe that anything is possible. I am an Asian American woman who wants to inspire others and excel in everything, including academics. I am an Asian American woman who wants to be accepted and loved for who she is. I hope my story can help someone out there with their journey of race and identity. I want to give one piece of advice before I go: Explore who you are while you love with all your heart and hold nothing back.

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  1. Keith Dunn

    Nancy, thanks for your courageous story. we’re glad you’ve chosen Millsaps as the place for the rollercoaster ride where you can shoot for the stars and inspire others. You’ve already inspired your provost!
    Keith Dunn

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