Ask Catherine!: Ask Emily is back, kind of.

by Catherine Arjet

opinions editor

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be here as the new opinions editor. I’ve always been a big fan of advice columns, whether it’s Miss Manners (I read her whole book cover to cover, so if you want to know how to deal with uninvited relatives at the holidays or where to put the coffee spoon, I’m your girl) or the one in the back of Seventeen. Because of this, I instantly fell in love with former opinions editor Emily Hussey’s “Ask Emily” column.

I too am very opinionated and love sharing my views, so I’m very excited to reintroduce “Ask Emily” as “Ask Catherine.” Although I cannot tell you what it’s like to be a triplet (as she promised she could in her introductory article), I can answer a pretty wide variety of questions. Like Emily, I’m willing to give advice if you need it, but I make no promises that it’s good advice.

The rules for this are basically the same as they were for Emily (check out her original article for complete details Basically, don’t be inappropriate or rude, and use the blog to ask. Obviously, I had to change the URL so it’s now, but other then that, not much has changed. I’m excited to hear from all of you about what you want opinions/advice/feedback on!