Autumn Tunes

by Erin Crosby

arts and life editor

As the weather changes from humid and warm to crisp and chilly, as we toss aside our shorts and sandals for hoodies and boots, we also absent-mindedly toss aside our summer hits for a different playlist: one consisting of softer songs.

The weather changes, our clothes change, our holiday festivities change, and we change our music. This time of year, I seek a playlist with a calmer tone to reflect that my mood have shifted from summer parties to hibernating in my dorm. Rather than hyped-up, mechanically made sounds that mirror summer’s artificial elements such as fireworks, I gravitate toward “real” instruments and acoustic sounds that imitate the realness of fall—the pumpkins we carve for Halloween, for example.

Bono once wrote, “Music can change the world because it can change people.” This is undoubtedly true. Music can impact us significantly, so allow it to be a positive change. Enjoy fall with this autumn playlist: