Award Season is Upon Us

by Sami Thomason
arts and life editor

It’s that time of year folks. Awards season is here, in all of its glamorous, somewhat overrated and slightly intoxicated glory. If you haven’t already, prepare to grade gowns, watch celebs get played off stage and cackle at opening monologues.

On Sunday, Jan. 12, we got to experience the Golden Globes, also known as the drunken younger sibling of the Oscars. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted for the second consecutive year and, as expected, totally nailed it. Multiple celebs, including the fabulous Emma Thompson and the confused Jacqueline Bisset, seemed overly tipsy while speaking on stage—Thompson even took her glass with her and threw her shoes.

goldenglobeThe big winners of the night included Jennifer Lawrence, for her second Golden Globe for American Hustle and attempting to push Taylor Swift down the stairs, and Leonardo DiCaprio, whose win for The Wolf of Wall Street caused him to exclaim that he never thought he would win an award for a “comedy.”

Losers include anyone who bet against the irresistible charm of Andy Samberg, whose show Brooklyn Nine Nine won two Golden Globes against all odds, and the Hollywood Foreign Press, for not recognizing the pure magic of “Let It Go” from Frozen. If you don’t know the glory of belting “Let It Go” at the top of your lungs, I feel sorry for you, Hollywood Foreign Press.

            The Screen Actors Guild Awards passed Saturday, Jan. 18, with little fuss as usual. Highlights of the show included Julia Louise Dreyfus accepting her award for Veep in character, and Emma Thompson continuing her streak as most entertaining presenter by off-handedly commenting on the intro music, saying, “’Is this music available on CD at all? It’s so good.” American Hustle won for Best Ensemble and 12 Years A Slave’s Lupita Nyong’o won Best Supporting Actress, which is impressive as it’s her first film.

The Oscar nominations were released Thursday morning, with some shocks and surprises as usual. Gravity and American Hustle led the nominations with 10 each, while 12 Years A Slave received nine. To my great surprise, Saving Mr. Banks lacked nods in Best Picture and Best Actress for Emma Thompson. Tom Hanks got no love for his riveting performance in Captain Phillips, nor did Robert Redford for All Is Lost.

I was however, pleasantly surprised to see Leonardo DiCaprio nominated for Best Actor for The Wolf of Wall Street, along with co-star Jonah Hill for Best Supporting Actor; Leo and Jonah’s odds are pretty low, though, compared to the surprising duo of Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club, who both won Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Inside Llewyn Davis, the Coen Brothers latest film, did not receive nominations for Best Picture and Best Actor for Oscar Isaac. Check back soon to see my predictions for who will win an Academy Award and who will return to their rightful place as an Oscar-less meme on Tumblr (I’m looking at you, Leo).