Beats on Repeat: Museful Moments

by Francis Nayan

Sometimes you want the whole song. But other times it’s just that one part of the song, the part when the whole song breaks down, when the chorus comes alive, the bridge drops, the singer hits that perfect soulful note, the guitarist wails on a riff that becomes the main part of your walk out song. A lot of power and life can be captured in these small bites of songs. I asked a few people around Millsaps about the parts of songs that have made an impact on them or are simply stuck in their head.

Brandon Allison

“Crystalised” by The XX

“At the end of the song, right before the outro, the beat slows down and two verses from earlier in the song repeat at the same time. They have been arguing the whole song but find closure at the same time, so the lyrics are cool, but the effect of the consequent singing and slow beat with a lot of low tones is relaxing. Gotta put that thing on repeat and annoy Zander.”

Luna Rocha

“In the Mausoleum” by Beirut


“This one of those few songs I could never get tired of listening to in a million lifetimes: The exotic, lush, Balkans-influenced beat and Zach Condon’s subtle harmonies lull you into the song, and the unintelligible lyrics add to the hypnotic effect.  The slow build-up to the stunningly dramatic violin solo makes the moment even sweeter.  Then the music cuts off so abruptly you cannot help but click the repeat button.”

Mo Wilson

“212” by Azealia Banks


“The moment after the bridge, in Azealia Bank’s 2011 viral hit ‘212,’ still gets my fist pumping.  She screams, capping off her house-influenced banger with an explosive climax. Her rapid-fire boasts and disses have been building up this chorus for a tense two minutes and seventeen seconds, and it rings with self-righteous fury. Even two years after she first stormed onto the indie-rap scene, the song sounds as vital as ever. Now where’s that debut album?”