Black Student Union Talks Black History Month

Claudia Brunson: news editor

The Black Student Union at Millsaps College has jumpstarted numerous programs and activities for students, faculty, and staff around campus. On Feb. 6 BSU hosted a service luncheon, partnering with Kappa Delta sorority, Quiz Bowl, Young Democrats, Islamic Cultural Organizations, Delta Delta Delta sorority, Millsaps Gospel Choir, and Chi Omega to provide food for faculty, staff maintenance, and cafeteria workers in appreciation for all the hard work.

BSU will continue to host a wide variety of events for all students to participate in, such as attending Tougaloo College to enjoy some of the Black History Month events there, and including a movie night showing Dear White People.

“Upcoming we are going to visit Tougaloo College so that we can support and enjoy their Black History program because unfortunately, we had to cancel ours due to major event conflicts with the students,”Kandice Bailey, Junior communications chair of BSU, said. “We are also going to visit a local church, preferably a predominantly black church, so that everyone can get the traditional black church experience, and we are also going to cook and host our own Sunday dinner right here at Millsaps College. And our last event will be a movie night.”

The tradition of celebrating Black History Month began in 1926 with the help of Dr. Carter G. Woodson. It was first known as “Negro History Week” and was later changed to Black History Month. Americans, particularly the African- American community, recognize this month in celebration of Black History and the tremendous strides in racial equality.

“Well Black History month gives Black culture, as well as other cultures, time to reflect on how far black people have come,” Maya Richard, Sophomore event specialists of BSU, said. “It kind of gives us an idea of where we should be going and helps us not to get lost in this world and try to cancel us out.”

Participation at Millsaps from students, faculty and staff is limited according to BSU.

“No, I do not think that [Millsaps gives] enough to attention for Black History Month,” Lena Young- Mathis, Sophomore member of BSU, said. “I think that we can do more as a school — and the backing for the school, they just do not promote it. Last year we had portraits and fun facts, we do not have that this year. A lot of people here say ‘Oh, It is Black History Month,’ but nobody really cares except for the African- Americans on campus.”

According to BSU, the members would like to see more participation and promotion on the schools part to advertise Black History Month.

“I think they [the students at Millsaps] can assist with helping especially with the Black Student Union in promoting the Black History programs, I think they can assist by reaching out and we reach out to them them too,” Alexis Franklin, Junior treasurer of BSU, said. “So us reaching out to them and reciprocating the reaching out back to us is one way they can assist us.”

“I just want to see more participation from all of the students, faculty, and staff at Millsaps and get a deeper understanding of our history and culture,” Brittnei Earl, Senior visual marketing chair, said.

BSU will continue to use the remainder of February, as well as the whole year, to educate and promote Black History in and around campus. All students are encouraged and are more than welcomed to participate in all events that are scheduled for Black History Month.