Citizen Fixed

by Zachary Smith
arts & life editor

If Jackson, Mississippi, is known for anything other than its connection with the blues or amazing food, it is known for its terrible roads. Some streets seem more pothole then road at times, but if you pay attention to Jackson news, you might have heard about a local named Ron Chane, who has been making waves in national news.

Hailed as the “Robin Hood” of Jackson by ABC National News, Chane has for the last year been taking asphalt from city-owned deposits and used it to patch the potholes of Jackson. After patching, he takes white spray paint, circles the pothole and writes “citizen fixed” beside it. It is a powerful message to the officials in the city of Jackson: The citizens of the town will not just let problems remain the norm in Jackson.

With the lofty goal of filling 100 potholes, Chane seems to have his work cut out for him. In an interview with ABC News, he tells reporters that the “revolutionary idea was to get people behind [him].” His actions seem to come just as much from a desire to of incite people to get involved in the cause of their city as to make commutes smoother.

This is not to say, however, that he has been canonized across the town. Being a resident of the mostly Caucasian Belhaven area, most of the potholes he filled in his own district, and many residents of other areas criticize his street selection as being racially motivated.

Possible motivations aside, his rallying cry for the people of Jackson to take a stake in their community is an admirable cause.