Figment JXN 2014

by Alex Melnick & Kathleen Quinlan
arts & life editor  + staff photographer

Photo Kathleen Quinlenn
Photo Kathleen Quinlenn

Jackson is going to  one day be  of the coolest cities in the country. I can see it in the way that every citywide event shows how incredibly creative, vibrant, and loving the community is, and Figment JXN is no exception.  Figment is an interactive community based art festival that only takes place in cities like New York City, San Diego, DC and of course, Jackson.  Because we’re awesome.

When Kathleen Quinlan & I strolled through Figment, which was located right behind our school in Midtown, we felt like little kids again. We ran around and painted on all the walls, played with puppets, and chatted with everyone we met. It was a collective blowing off steam, and an incredibly warm environment. It’s hard to convey what exactly is so intrinsically fun about playing with clay in the Hatch and making art projects with friends without someone having at least an idea of what Figment looks like, so Kathleen and I took a photo gallery to show off all of the art created by Millsapians, Midtowners, and the larger community of Jackson and to convey the sort of “you just had to be there” feeling Figment creates. I hope to see everyone next year!