Filmed in Jackson: Ghosts of Mississippi 

Although Jackson, Mississippi is not known for its movie filming industry, a number of movies have been shot in the city.  

Notably, The Help was partially filmed in Belhaven and Fondren. Both of these neighborhoods are just a stone’s throw from the Millsaps campus.  

In fact, Fairview Inn is a bed and breakfast that was used as both a filming location and housing for the movie’s stars. It is located on Fairview Street which intersects with State Street in between the North and South entrances of Millsaps College.  

A more recent movie showcasing the city is A Day to Die (2022). The film stars Bruce Willis and includes epic action sequences that will thrill any special effects lover native to Jackson.  

A favorite movie filmed in Jackson remains as the 1996 historical drama Ghosts of Mississippi. The movie stars Alec Baldwin, James Woods, and Whoopi Goldberg.  

The plot follows the assassination of Medgar Evers as well as the following trials of Byron de la Beckwith for the crime. The crime occurred on what is now Margaret W. Alexander Drive in northwest Jackson. The home was painted a seafoam green for the film and remains that color even today.  

Alec Baldwin portrays Bobby DeLaughter, who used to be a state prosecutor in Mississippi. He helped to put Byron de la Beckwith in prison.  

The fictionalized DeLaughter is followed through marriage troubles due to his commitment to the trial, raising his three kids, and finding new love. But his relationship with his children and his new partner are not the most integral connections in the movie (even though the scenes where he comforts his scared daughter are utterly heartwarming).  

Rather, DeLaughter’s relationship with Myrlie Evers, portrayed by Ghost’s Whoopi Goldberg, is what drives the film. They share weekly phone calls about DeLaughter’s progress on the research for the trial. When DeLaughter keeps a secret from her and she finds out, their relationship is subject to a feeling of lost trust, yet they rekindle their friendship in order to bring about the happy ending that the film showcases.  

It is interesting to consider the fact that Jerry Mitchell, founder of MCIR (which is partially run out of John Stone Hall here on Millsaps campus), is also portrayed in the movie. He is played by Will & Grace actor Jerry Levine.  

Many scenes in the movie were shot in Jackson, although there are some scenes that were filmed in places such as Port Gibson at Windsor Ruins and the Delta in Greenwood, Mississippi.  

Ghosts of Mississippi is an inspirational movie revolving around events that occurred in Jackson, Mississippi. It is a testament to the fact that, although many claim that the city is boring, Jackson is really full of cinematic, historical, and societal value.