You are currently viewing From Leopard Geckos to Hoping to Spot a Big Grizzly in the Wild: Members of the P&W Present Their 2020 Holiday Wish List

From Leopard Geckos to Hoping to Spot a Big Grizzly in the Wild: Members of the P&W Present Their 2020 Holiday Wish List

As we are all nearing an unusual, stressful, and enlightening year, many of us have adopted the simplest mode of the human condition—which is to eat, survive, cry if you need to, and sleep when you can.
Understandably, I am no stranger to these basic survival skills as I can attest to the many Door Dash splurges within a week, or the “oh my gosh” utterances from my mouth complete with an eye roll and a dramatic chin drop to my desk.

As a witness to this year’s chaotic events, I—like so many others—am in desperate need of some holiday cheer and holiday wishing just in case Santa would like to make a pit stop by my place…in a mask and properly socially distanced. So, come along with me, and let us see what is on my staff’s wish list for this holiday season.

Gigi Halpern

The End of COVID-19
A simple wish really, but one that is bound to be on most people’s—if not everyone’s—wish list this year is for the end of COVID-19. Gigi Halpern—our staff reporter—wishes for COVID-19 to cease completely with no sign of returning to uproot our lives again. Ah, Gigi, I—too—have grown weary of COVID-19’s appearance this year, and I wish with all the might that I can muster up for it to go away and never come back.

Brittany Wilson

Fun Socks, Remote Control Cars, and a Sketchbook
As a fan of fun socks, myself, Brittany Wilson’s—our My Story Monday Section Editor—wish will definitely make an appearance on my wish list as well. Even though I am world-renowned for my intricately drawn stick people, the sketchbook idea sounds like a fantastic idea for my best friend or my brother—who spend ample amounts of time sketching cool characters.

Rae Switzer

Time with Family and Cozy Books to Read
Like Rae Switzer—our Features Editor—I am overjoyed at the fact of spending more time with my family this holiday season as well because college and adulting comprise much of my free time. Inspired by Rae’s wish to curl up with some cozy books, I should curl up with Sara Broom’s Yellow House and actually finish it this winter break after a few consecutive mornings of sleeping in and homemade breakfasts.

Loren Aubert

A Leopard Gecko
Although I am not entirely scared of the reptile species, I am not a fan either as I only have a soft spot for baby turtles and small, green frogs. Loren Aubert—our THRT special reporter—has an unconventional, but endearing wish for a small, leopard gecko. Well, Loren I certainly hope your wish is fulfilled this year, and please make sure to send us pictures! I already have the perfect name in mind for your pet lizard: GEICO—no cuter name comes to mind than naming your pet gecko after a car insurance company. Ah, ‘tis the season!

Sara Snelson

Hippocampus poster, Spotting A Wild Grizzly, and Untamed by Glennon Doyle
Sara Snelson—our managing editor—certainly has an adventurous wish list this year, and I am not referring to the Hippocampus poster and Untamed either. While I try to maintain a good bit of distance between wild grizzlies and myself, I highly commend Sara for putting this wish on her list this year—although I hope she has a safe time spotting a wild grizzly! As for me, I will play it safe this year and leave the grizzlies be as I tinker around with some of Sara’s wishes.

Chris Hart

Family, Snowboarding, and Narnia Movies
Like Chris Hart—our Arts & Culture Editor—I wish for the continued health of my family as well. If I was not so cold-natured, I would definitely venture out into snowboarding like Chris, but I always find myself wrapped up in a blanket, a robe, or just both complete with fuzzy socks. However, I will definitely “snowboard” down memory lane with all the Narnia movies as the film franchise is still one of my favorites to view in pjs with a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

James Bell

A New Video Game for the Nintendo Switch
James Bell—our News Editor—wishes for a new videogame: Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. Feeling pings of nostalgia at the name “Samurai Jack” as a sword sliding into its sheath sound effect played in my head, I admittedly looked up this videogame as I have not played videogames regularly since I was in elementary school. However, the game certainly looks interesting, and I admit I may or may not have investigated further…for a friend.

Areial Thomas

Money, Relaxing, Going Out of Town and Making Cookies
Ah! Areial Thomas—our Social Media Manager—could not have wished for some better items this year. As money continues to be ever-present on my wish list, I—too—am motivated to situate my chef’s hat on top of my head and play a temporary Gordon Ramsey to make a Christmas-themed cake alongside my mom. Whether the cake will turn out edible, that mystery remains to be solved, but relaxation and baking are two wishes Areial and I share together this holiday season.

Prarthana Bhatia

Lending Support to Others, Listening to a Best Friend’s Playlist, Traveling with a Sibling for New Year’s and a Birthday, and Baking and Painting
Of all the wonderful and exciting things our staff photographer—Prarthana Bhatia—has on her wish list this year, I believe the most incredible one is wishing support to people who have lost a loved one this year and wishing people who have not been able to visit their loved ones a chance to do so. Undeniably, this year—albeit weird and slightly awkward—has also been taxing on all of us mentally and emotionally. Thank you Prarthana for this incredibly kind wish, and I sincerely hope your wishes—if not all—are fulfilled this holiday season.

Kells Hecht

Something Sweet to Eat, Brewing Coffee, and Watching Traveling Blogs/Vlogs
Like Kells—our Sports Editor—I also want something sweet to sink my teeth into over Christmas. Usually, I brew my own coffee, but—like Kells—I probably need to quit relying on my mom to brew a nice, warm cup for me due to this called adulting. It’s possible I can buy a Keurig cozy up with some YouTuber vlogs on YouTube to sip tea and coffee.

Grace Lowery

Huggie Hoop Earrings, Building a Gingerbread House, and How to Lead by David M. Rubenstein
Enticed immediately by the word “earring”, I did a quick search on Grace Lowery’s—our web editor— wish list and discovered that huggie hoop earrings are…seriously cute. In fact, there’s a great chance that these earrings will appear on my wish list as well. Also, I give many claps to Grace for her wish to build a gingerbread as my attempt at building a gingerbread house many years ago quickly resulted in some disappointing architecture for our gingerbread family.

Seraiah Lodge

Time With Family, Curling Up With a Good Book, and A Christmas Carol
Even though she is not an official member of the P&W, Seraiah’s maturity, enthusiasm, and dedication as a guest contributor to the P&W is more than enough to deem her wishes worthy. Like many of the wishes expressed thus far, Seraiah wishes to spend time with her family—which is also a great wish to speak into existence. Inspired by Seraiah’s desire to curl up with a good book, I believe the universe is whispering into my ear to do the same this holiday season.

Kratik Gupta

A PS5, Some Time With Family, and Christmas Movies

Our business manager—Kratik Gupta—definitely has some great wishes for the holiday season. While I am no avid video gamer with my general lack of knowledge regarding videogames, I am a an avid, slightly obsessive movie buff especially when it comes to watching Christmas movies. Even now, a memory is being pulled from a shelf in my brain as it plays images of my older brother and I watching All Dogs Go to Heaven with droopy eyes as we anticipated Santa’s arrival—which I sneakily remember opening my eyes intermittently to catch a glimpse of a big, red suit. So Kratik, whether you choose to watch All Dogs Go to Heaven, I sincerely hope you watch Christmas movies galore, and I wish you a wonderful holiday with your family.

Candace Mckenzie

These are all of the wishes of my wonderful staff. Even though I did not present my list, were you able to decipher it from everyone else’s wishes? Comment what you think my ideal wishlist would be as well as your own wish list down below!