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From the Chairman of Mississippi Federation of College Republicans

From Prison Reform to Historic Peace Deals in the Middle East, our President has worked nonstop during these 4 years. He has worked to put America First policies in place that help our economy, the impoverished zones in the U.S., and worked for peace deals in the war-torn Middle East. President Donald J. Trump deserves re-election. This election cycle has been very odd in a multitude of ways. One large change is the voter engagement of the young voter group (18-29). This group is the future of our Country, we are the future. Year after year our generation is thrown to the wayside when it comes to elections. We have a real chance here to show our ability to take charge of this country. We have to show our ability to think for ourselves and determine who the best candidate for the job is. I believe this is President Trump.

He has done wonders for our economy including “Opportunity Zones” this puts Federal tax dollars into places that are 2 times the poverty level to increase employment. This also incentivizes companies to locate within these zones to hire those within the Zone. He has lowered the unemployment numbers to historic lows and has pushed for the largest tax cut in history. This tax cut empowers the lower and middle class to have more money come tax season. For the first time in a long time, the middle class is improving, the lower class is improving. This thanks to the policies implemented by his Administration. This is not the only important election for us in Mississippi, we also have a U.S. Senate race this year.

Senator Hyde-Smith has fought for the farmers and farming industry. She has stood alongside the President during his historic achievements. This has been a tough fought cycle this year and I believe that Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and President Trump being re-elected this can only further the success that we have seen within our country. On November 3rd whomever you decide to vote for, remember that the ability to vote is not given to many people around the world. Our Democratic process is one thing that makes America great! Share your voice by voting and choose the candidate that you believe is the best for the job and best for These United States.