Haddad Continues SBA Changes

by Zachary Oren Smith

Senior Ghali Haddad is reaching his second term as president of the Student Body Association. Whereas many others began their presidencies with specific projects in mind, Haddad began with the goal of creating a more autonomous senator. This delegation of agenda determinism has led to a record-breaking six bills proposed and five passed, as compared to most semesters where only three bills are typical. These bills ranged from resolutions for improving aesthetics on the south side of campus to funding for the new artisan benches in the Lewis Art Gallery.

Haddad will focus his energy this semester on refining some of the changes that have been made across campus. He wants to target some of the major changes made to the Caf’ and meal plan underneath former President Brittany Ford. Haddad, in a letter to the board of trustees, said he wanted to increase serving sizes, alert management to dining staff’s reluctance to serve food past 7 p.m., raise the salad bar’s cough guard, improve “[t]he food options and operations at Reuben’s,” and improve communication between students and their selected meal plan designation. He is also in the process of setting up a committee to focus on complaints and changes in the Caf.’

In the senate meeting on Oct. 6, Haddad created the senate “rules,” “communications,” “campus beatification” and “dorm renovation” committees. Based on the committees’ successes last year in advocating for the needs of student, Haddad is confident that this will lead to greater student action in the future.

Seniors Madeleine Calcote and Anna Morgan Leonards are leading a committee to research the logistics of renovating the Lewis Art Gallery. Using the growth of the Millsaps Mock Trial Team, which led to Harvey Fiser’s recent refurbishing of the Mock Trial’s practice room as a model, Calcote and Leonards hope similar renovations to the art gallery will increase the number of students in the studio art major.

Haddad invites all students to the SBA’s meetings each Monday at 9:15 p.m. in Sullivan-Harrell Hall. “Nothing will get addressed or done unless [students] tell their senators or voice their ideas at meetings,” says Haddad. “With a campus this small, we really can get what you want done.”