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Intramurals Offer Millsaps Students A Dose of Friendly Competition

By Wil Wood

Several people involved with intramural sports at Millsaps College hope the coming weeks can provide more of a competitive edge and more involvement from students on campus.

Like many colleges, Millsaps offers intramural sports year-round. These sports like flag football, kickball, basketball, ping pong and dodgeball allow any student, regardless of athletic ability, to participate in sports on
campus for fun.

“(Intramurals) allow you to relieve your mind of all the stress put on it through the week,” said William Webber, a Millsaps freshman. “Intramurals is also one of the most fun activities we have on campus, and the more people that join, the better experience it will be.”
Intramurals have been offered at Millsaps for several years. Students can participate in a number of sports during both the fall and spring semesters. In the fall, students can play flag football and kickball, while basketball and kickballare offered in the spring. Ping pong and dodgeball are offered at various times during the year as one-day, round robin tournaments.

Millsaps director of strength and conditioning Joel Higginbotham, affectionately known around campus as “Coach Higgs,” also serves as the intramural sports director. He creates and organizes the sports leagues and does outreach to get students on campus involved.

While he’s been happy with the overall turnout the past few years, he said he’s hoping for a little more competitive edge.

“I feel like some students come out there because they are forced, and that’s no fun because it brings down the competitive spirit,” Higginbotham said. He said he hoped student involvement would increase in coming weeks, which could help add to that competition.

Higginbotham said the best way for students to stay up to date with intramural sports schedules is to keep a close eye on your Millsaps email.