Josh Brooks Heads to Warhawk Nation

by Claudia Brunson

news editor

Recently the Millsaps community learned of the imminent departure of Athletic Director Josh Brooks, as he will  soon leave Millsaps to take on a new role at University of Louisiana-Monroe as the special assistant to the president of the university. Brooks hails from Louisiana and has previously worked as the associate athletic director at University of Georgia as well as at University of Louisiana-Monroe as a graduate assistant coach and director of football operations.

Although his time here at Millsaps was short-lived, Brooks says he will miss the people he has met and the community.

“Personally, [my time here] has been great for my family and for me just to be able to come to work at a place every day and just enjoy what you are doing,” Brooks said. “From the coaches, the staff, the students, faculty and administration, Millsaps College is just such a special place because everybody is just great to be around. I think that the attitude is phenomenal around here, and I think the innovative and forward-thinking approach of everyone here is what makes it a great and fun place to work. The comradery is off the charts and I have never been anywhere where the students and the student-athletes are just so personable and easy to get to know.”

Brooks hopes to leave behind a positive legacy of someone that dedicated himself to his job at Millsaps and did everything he could with his time to better the overall athletic department both in the short and long terms. One of Brooks’ most attention-getting achievements in his short time at Millsaps was the installation of the Lucky Town Beer Garden at Harper Davis Field.

“Hopefully I want to be remembered as someone that gave [my] all during my time here,” Brooks said. “Obviously it was never my intention for my time here to be cut this short, I had long-term things that I wanted to get done, but I want to be remembered as someone that was ‘all in’ with my time here and came to work every day and gave it a 100 percent—and really tried to make decisions that were not only good for the short term, but thinking long term for what is best for Millsaps five, 10, 15 years from now.”

Josh Brooks is set to begin his new position Dec. 1 in Monroe, Louisiana. Brooks says he is excited about returning to the school and starting a new chapter in his life.

“It is always exciting to get new challenges,” Brooks says. “It [ULM] is a place that I have had experience with before, so getting the chance to reconnect with some lost friends and people from the past is always fun and just another new challenge and new opportunity.”

Brooks says that he will continue to check on Millsaps and the athletic teams and will never forget about this place as he continues to move forward.

The process for the next athletic director at Millsaps College is ongoing. The Purple & White has no further information at this time.


Picture is courtesy of Millsaps College.