Letter to the Editor-“Ubuntu”

courtesy millsaps college flickr
courtesy millsaps college flickr

by Merrit Corrigan

The South African principle of “Ubuntu” is a community philosophy emphasizing that we are who we are through our relationships with other people. As an Anthropology major, I love this idea; it is essentially the opposite of “I think therefore I am.” It makes me as a person secondary because I can only be myself due to the support and encouragement of others. This is how I see Millsaps. We are not a school of 750 individuals, but a community of “leaders and scholars.” The number of units is secondary to who we are together.

After the last issue of the Purple and White was published, everyone seemed panicked, angry even, at the total number of undergraduates enrolled in our school. Now, I understand the very real complications of tuition and longevity of our numbers, but I think we must take a step back and see not the total number of people but who we are as One. We are Millsaps. We fight for social justice and engage with our community to work towards a better Jackson and a forward-thinking Mississippi.

It’s not one volunteer, but Millsaps. We spend hours arguing about the differences and similarities between Marxist communism and current-day Libretarian ideas. It’s not one student, but Millsaps. We dominate in our division of sports, even when our numbers on the bench are far less than our competition.

It’s not one athlete, but Millsaps. We are students who rallied together to put cardboard on cars after a freak hailstone last Spring, not minding which car belonged to whom. It’s not one helper, but Millsaps. I know I am a better person because of the students, teachers and faculty here. They have pushed me to be the best version of myself, and I know that it is because of my relationships here that I will be successful out in the world. It is not me as a student, but me as a part of our school. Millsaps may have 750 students right now, but together we are powerful and should take pride in our community.

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the Purple and White Staff