Mascot Mayhem

by Erin Crosby

arts and life editor

Speculation and conversation has been flying lately on campus as to whether or not Millsaps College should change its mascot. Many believe that having a “Major” as the mascot is similar to Ole Miss having a Confederate symbol, and that the college should follow in the University of Mississippi’s footsteps and change our mascot or even the mascot’s uniform to something fun and creative that could not cause offense.

As a progressive liberal arts school, it is Millsaps’s duty to be aware of any racial connection that our mascot may present, and Millsaps did just this. The most recent news about our mascot is that they have decided to keep the “major” but change its name.

Even the alumni are getting involved in the conversation around the mascot. An online petition has been circulating, created by alumni Kyle Doherty. The petition asks for assurance that the new mascot will have no confederate iconography. Doherty writes in his petition that he “applauds Millsaps for voluntarily electing to choose a new mascot” and that the college’s founder Reuben Millsaps “can be honored without being reduced to his rank in the Confederate Army.” He goes on to discuss how having an offensive mascot stands in opposition to Millsaps’s tradition of pursuing social justice. His petition’s goal of 100 signers was reached Oct. 27. Now supporters must wait to hear what the new mascot will be.

This week, I did my own survey and asked students what they believe our new mascot should be. Here are some of their responses:

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  1. Anon.

    The school isn’t changing us to anything. We are still going to be the majors. The mascot is just getting a new look.

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