Meet the Millsapian: Casey Park

by Courtney Cleveland

features editor


Casey Park is a senior Biochemistry major from Greenville, Miss. You’ll find her on campus serving as a presidential ambassador, Foundations director or participating in Greek Life. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, trying out new foods and reading. She also enjoys learning about different cultures.


The Purple and White: What made you come to Millsaps?

Casey Park: I was choosing between one other school and Millsaps, and I took a tour here, and I still remember my tour guide. I actually got to work with her when I became a presidential ambassador, which was kind of cool. I told her what an impact she had on me and sort of her influence on me coming here because I absolutely enjoyed my tour. I got to sit in a class and that was Dr. Kramer’s environmental science class and he was very welcoming. I could tell he had very close relationships with the student in his class and I wanted that relationship. I knew by going to a big state school, I wouldn’t be able to have that. That was my motivation.


P&W: What’s your favorite part of campus?

CP: My favorite part of campus is how when any event happens, it’s just so natural for everyone to come together for that one occasion or that one event. I really feel like Millsaps is a community. I guess because we are a small campus, I feel like I always have someone there for me if I need help or if need someone to talk to. I always see friendly faces. It’s not a particular place on campus, but that welcoming atmosphere puts you in a good mood.


P&W: And your favorite memory on campus?

CP: It wasn’t specifically on campus, but it was my first mock trial tournament. I’d never been on a mock trial team or debate team in high school because we didn’t have anything like that. This was something very new to me. I just felt this rush of anxiety and excitement and nervousness, but I enjoyed that tournament so much. I feel like ever since then, I’ve become more interested in mock trial and different organizations and different ways to be involved on campus.


P&W: If you could give advice to your freshman self, what would you say?

CP: I would say to my freshman self to start being involved in leadership opportunities early on. I kind of started a little bit late. I would say it was towards the end of my sophomore year when I could have started when I first started college, and I kind of regret that. I wish I would’ve been able to experience more leadership opportunities early on.


P&W: How would you say Millsaps has shaped you for the outside world?

CP: Millsaps has definitely expanded my experience and my knowledge of communicating with the outside world. Like everyone says, Millsaps is a bubble, but because they have programs like Wellspring where they give freshmen the opportunity to be engaged in the Jackson community that really kind of pushed me to be involved in the community and learn more about community engagement. It led me to start teaching Korean… which was a great experience. I don’t think I would’ve ever done that if it wasn’t for Wellspring. I just think that’s an amazing way to broaden your life skills and knowledge in general.


P&W: Do you remember the last book you read?

CP: The last book I read was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It was my 5th time reading it and I read it because I had just taken a psychology of Harry Potter course, and I wanted to reread the books all over again because we had a class debating anything Harry Potter. I absolutely love Harry Potter. It’s one of my favorite book series.


P&W: What is your strongest personal quality?

CP: My strongest personal quality is altruism. I like to give to people more than taking. I like to be there for everybody. I guess being the oldest in my family, I’ve always had that kind of responsibility, but I don’t really see it as a responsibility. I see it more of as I’m wanted to help people and serve others. I’ve grown up being taught that as well, so I think I became naturally more-giving and I think that’s a quality that I pride in myself.


P&W: That’s definitely a good quality to have. What’s something embarrassing/funny that your family would say about you?

CP: My parents own a beauty supply business. I don’t remember this, but when I was three or four I was walking around the aisles and I accidentally drank blue dye, and they were so anxious. They called poison control and everything.


P&W:  What’s the last thing you did for fun?

CP: For fun, I just like watching dance videos. I like listening to music and looking up dances for that music. I used to be on dance team in high school so I’m still interested in that.


P&W: Describe yourself in three words.

CP: Optimistic—I like to see the brighter side of things no matter what kind of situation I’m in…I would say I’m very giving. I love being there for people. Dedicated—when I start something, I don’t give it up. I don’t leave someone hanging. When I choose to do something, I dedicate my entire self towards that goal.


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