Meet the Millsapian: Sara Sabbagh

By Courtney Cleveland
Features Editor

Sara Sabbagh is a sophomore political science and biology double major from Diamondhead, Miss. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, laughing with her friends and painting.


The Purple and White: What made you come to Millsaps?

Sara Sabbagh: When I was scheduled for my first tour, Dr. (Nathan) Shrader asked to meet with me, and I had no idea who he was. I went and talked to him with my mom in his office and it really made me feel a connection to this school, and I knew that I wasn’t going to get that anywhere else.


P&W: What’s your favorite spot on campus?

SS: My favorite place on campus to hangout on a nice day is the bowl, and my favorite place when it’s just calm and awesome is the gazebo outside the Christian Center.


P&W: Name someone on campus that you look up to and why.

SS: I definitely look up to Dr. Shrader. I feel like he makes Millsaps a better place because of his positive spirits, and I just hope that one day I can inspire as many students as he has.


P&W: What goals have you set for this year?

SS: I definitely want to boost my GPA and spend more time for me…because I’m very busy and every slot in my day is full. I see that I need to give myself some time to breathe and take some time for me.


P&W: What’s a controversial opinion that you have?

SS: I believe there should be stricter gun regulations, and it shouldn’t be so easy to purchase weapons.


P&W: What’s your favorite thing to do?

SS: My favorite thing to do is go on car rides with the windows down and the music blasting. I like all kinds of music except for country music.


P&W: What smell brings back great memories for you?

SS: A smell that brings back great memories for me is vanilla and apple spice. Those are the smells of baking, and I know that my mom has spent time home-making some type of dessert, and I was very excited when I got home from school.


P&W: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

SS: I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland. I feel like it’s a beautiful place with a beautiful culture, and I’ve always wanted to experience that.


P&W: Tell me an embarrassing story about yourself.

SS: It was my second week here at Millsaps. I was walking with a full cup of ice water. I had to walk past the men’s soccer team who was eating dinner, and I tripped over the little rubber part between the two different floor patterns, and I fell on my face and threw the cup behind me. So not only did I spill it, I made it rain on myself. Ice went everywhere. I stood up and tripped on the ice… so I had to crawl out of the caf. I had to look through the window and say “bring my stuff, I can’t go back in there.” So now I never eat alone in the caf, so that someone can bring my stuff.


P&W: Describe yourself in three words.

SS: Hilarious, dynamic and memorable.


The Purple and White thanks Sara for answering these questions! If you or someone you know would like to be featured in the next “Meet the Millsapian,” you can email me at

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