Meet the Press: 2015-2016 Edition

by Alex Melnick
Arts & Life Editor

Hello Millsaps, and welcome to another wild ride with the Purple & White.  Before we begin this semester, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Alex Melnick, and I’m the Arts & Life Editor of this newspaper. Life is infinitely stranger than art, and that there is far more art and life in Jackson than one initially expects. I’ve been with the paper a year now, and have derived infinite joy and almost infinite amounts of pain from this paper as well. Please feel to  pitch to me music reviews, art or movie critiques, your ideas for rock operas or fan fiction about Godzilla, and your music festival experiences at In addition, I am a dirty do-gooder and thus extensively cover the non-profit scene in Jackson and……. music festivals? I think that’s where the dirty part comes in.  Here’s a quick breakdown of my bio.

1897822_10204366011482862_4368764220699072452_nWhy I chose to apply for this position: If this whole “growing up and becoming Leslie Knope” thing doesn’t work out ( and I have a feeling it might,) I plan on becoming a human rights journalist, and dabbling in music journalism as well. That falls under “arts and life,” I believe. Also, I genuinely love journalism and want to use it as a medium to make people’s lives better. I feel my most fulfilled when I’m reporting.
Favorite news source: I really love Feministing, but for world-wide content right now I’m feeling the whole Vice brand, and Arabelle Sicardi for art/style news.
I’m most excited to cover: the successes of my classmates and the accomplishments of Millsaps College faculty. Also Sleater-Kinney’s reunion.
Favorite song to dance to: “Shout” by the Isley Brothers, or barring that- “Cheap Beer” By FIDLAR. I’m a sucker for a chant.
Favorite Word(s): “Dirty Wizard”
Most ridiculous urban legend I believe: That you can make a living in journalism.

Now, let’s meet the rest of the gang.

Ashley Cabecerias
Friday + Saturday Editor

Photo 1 (5)Why I applied: I wanted a position where I would get to go out and do things.  The Friday+Saturday section enables me to explore activities out in our community and forces me to remain updated on Jackson events.  Every article I write I have to find, ask, explore, etc. I love it.​​
Favorite News Source:  I’ve been reading the Skimm a lot lately.  They summarize what they deem to be all the important world news/US news.  It’s short, it’s simple, and it makes me feel informed.
Most excited to cover: The concerts, honestly.  I’m always going to know when cool bands come to town, and that is so exciting to me.
Favorite Song to Dance To: Anything has clapping in the background or is about butts
Favorite Word: Consigliere, because I just learned it today.
Most Ridiculous urban legend I believe: If you’re a bad kid, the Loup Garou will sneak into your house through your window, kidnap you, and then eat you.


Jules Gonsoulin
IMG_5518Editor in Chief
I chose to apply for Editor in Chief because: I was ready to step up from the section editor position and take leadership of the paper.
My favorite news source is: Sports Illustrated Magazine
I’m most excited to cover: changes vital to student life, such as dining changes happening this semester.
Favorite song to dance to: Sussudio by Phil Collins
Favorite word: Salty
Urban Legend: That Missouri police found and dismantled a a pig brothel in their state in 2014. That’s got to be true.

Leah Nicole Whitcomb

Leah Nicole Whitcomb
Leah Nicole Whitcomb

Social Media Manager
Why I chose to apply for this position: I didn’t think I would be able to handle all the writing that comes with being an editor. What I later found out is that although I didn’t have to write articles all the time, I did have to write all the time, but I had to be brief, interesting and engaging which is a lot harder than it seems.
Favorite News Source: I read a lot of the Guardian and the Independent a lot of UK newspapers.
I’m Most Excited to Cover: People?
Favorite Song to Dance to: Move by Little Mix and 7/11 by Beyoncé
Favorite Word: I really love words and this is hard. Titular is probs my fave.
Most Ridiculous Urban Legend I believe: that we are all aliens who came from another planet because our original planet was destroyed, but anyways our spaceships killed the dinosaurs and eventually earth is going to get so overrun with humans (because Republicans won’t allow women to have health care) that we are eventually going to have to relocate to another planet far off in the universe.

Claudia Brunson
News Editor
Why I chose to apply for this position: I am a super news nerd. I love being in the know about any and everything that is going on around the world locally, nationally, and internationally. I also like to compare how news events FullSizeRender (10)that are going on can impact my life and the lives of others around me.
Favorite news source: GMA (Good Morning America) as far as television goes, and for newspapers I am actually a big fan of the Clarion Ledger.
I’m most excited to cover: events that are happening in or around Millsaps and events around the Jackson/Fondren local area.
Favorite song to dance to: the Hokey Pokey.
Favorite word: “Indeed.”
Most ridiculous urban legend I believe: that if you sleep with any part of your body hanging off the bed then a monster will cut off and eat that part of your body or snatch you to some unknown underground place.
Elizabeth Hambuchen
Social Media Assistant
Why I chose to apply for this position: I am hoping to major in communications and go into some sort of public relations or marketing. I felt this was a good start to gain experience for the future.
Favorite news source: Good Morning America.
I’m most excited to cover: promoting and marketing the Purple & White through social media.
Favorite song to dance to:Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson.
Favorite word: Pickles.
Most ridiculous urban legend I believe: Definitely that El Chupacabra is very much alive and roaming the Americas.

Megan Murray
Sports Editor

Megan Murray
Megan Murray

I chose to apply because: I have a passion for sports, and I want to provide a voice for all student-athletes.
My favorite news source: For sports, at least, is New England Sports Network (NESN).
I am most excited to: cover sports and student-athletes who feel like they are underrated or do not get enough credit for their hard work and dedication.
My favorite song to dance to: Shake it Off by Taylor Swift
My favorite word/phrase: okey dokey.
I believe in: the Curse of the Bambino; the reason the Boston Red Sox failed to win a World Series in 86 years was due to the fact that the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees in 1918. It is a superstition that all true Red Sox fans believe.

Charles Nugent
Sports Assistant

10509685_10202925596120036_1352778282021772094_nWhy I applied for this position:  because I want to get some experience in journalism and I enjoy sports.
Favorite news source: The Onion
Favorite song to dance to: My Humps by Black Eyed Peas
Favorite Word: Cookie
Urban Legend: SASQUATCH!



Kathleen MitchellKathleen-Mitchell_Digital-Writer
Why I do this job: I was on the Purple & White as a student at Millsaps and the experienced shaped much of my college experience and life afterward. I hope to help the next generation get just as much out of their time at the P&W.
Favorite news source besides the P&W: Twitter, the New York Times, Grantland, the Jackson Free Press, TIME, and Tom and Lorenzo
Favorite song to dance to: Anything upbeat and from a Broadway musical.
Favorite word: It changes often but today I like “indomitable”
Most ridiculous urban legend I believe in: Beyonce and Jay-Z run the Illuminati now.

Kathleen Quinlan

10658790_869356149749737_7702213663317508371_oWhy I chose to apply for this position:   to contribute photographs  and help support the P&W.
What I’m most excited to cover: local events in the community.
Favorite song to dance to: Harry Belafonte’s Jump in the Line.
Favorite word: Whimsy.
Most ridiculous urban legend: Junjo.

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