Millsaps Alum Joins College Hall of Fame

by Megan Murray

sports editor

Sean Brewer, a legend in Millsaps College football history and an inductee of the Millsaps Sports Hall of Fame in 2004, was selected to the College Football Hall of Fame in January.

When he received his football in the mail containing the good news, Brewer said, “I felt very blessed, honored, and appreciative. It still hasn’t sunk in yet because it’s such a large stage, [but] I am very blessed and humble.” Brewer will be officially inducted at the National Football Foundation Award ceremony in New York City Dec. 8, 2015.2015_january_sean_brewer

Photo courtesy of Millsaps Sports Information

Brewer was a three-time first-team All-American during his 1989-92 standout career at Millsaps College—the singular defensive lineman in Division III football history to do so. Brewer also holds the Millsaps all-time record for most solo tackles with 332 and most quarterback sacks with 52, along with the single-season record for solo tackles in both Millsaps and the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference history with an astonishing 99.

Brewer said, “I have to give my Creator a lot of credit for [blessing] me physically to a certain extent and mentally… God blessed me and put me where I needed to be as successful as I could be, and I give Him the credit and glory. At the same time, there were a lot of other people—my family that supported me and other players and coaches that had a lot to do with [my success]… Football is a team sport and very rarely can one person be successful without a lot of other pieces working together. A lot of people deserve the credit for [my success].”

Brewer’s selection to the College Football Hall of Fame comes only one year after USA Football created a Division III Defensive Lineman of the Year Award in Brewer’s honor.Brewer_WEB_sr

Photo courtesy of Millsaps Sports Information

Not only did Brewer have a record-setting career for Millsaps football, he also took advantage of his Millsaps education. He graduated from Millsaps in 1992 with a degree in business administration. Brewer said, “I was set to head off into the business world, but I felt a tug and a pull to [something more]. I had been so blessed and was fortunate enough to be successful as a student as well as an athlete and that combination was such a big part of my life… I hit the brakes and left the [Millsaps] MBA program and started pursuing the opportunity to get into education and coaching. For the first nine years of my career, I taught and coached. It was a love of being able to work with young people and colleagues and having an impact on people hopefully. [My career path] had more to do with trying to build a sort of earthly wealth and kingdom, if you will.”

Brewer is currently the principal at Rosa Scott High School in Madison, Miss., where he continues his passion for encouraging young students and athletes to their future goals.

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