Millsaps to Institute Commuter Parking Fee

Commuters will now have to pay a $5 daily fee to park on campus beginning Fall semester 2022. Up until now, commuters have been able to park for free on Millsaps campus in designated sections of parking. All one needed to do was apply for a free commuter sticker to place on their windshield. However, the college has decided that this isn’t fair to students who live on campus; if they have to pay for a dorm, then commuters should have to pay for parking.

The $5 daily parking fee will apply to all commuters, with no exceptions. The fee will be charged no matter the duration commuters are on campus. Be it for one class or for three, the fee will remain the same. Receipt of payment will be given as a daily placard to be placed on rearview mirror. Campus security will check all commuter cars daily to ensure payment.

A current junior student spoke about the matter to say that she’s “looking forward to the extra expense” next year as a senior. The college hasn’t decided what to use the extra money for, but assure that it will be used somehow. More details to come

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