Millsaps Student Exhibition: The Human Condition on Campus

The Millsaps Student Exhibition: The Human Condition is a show at the Hall Gallery in the Visual Arts Center on campus. It is running from February 21st until March 9th.  

The show was juried and installed by students taking Intro to Museum Studies and features over 43 artworks from 21 Millsaps students. Many of these students have multiple artworks in the show.  

In the gallery, the walls are decorated with various hanging artworks. Some of these are on paper or canvas while others are three-dimensional pieces of various other mediums. Additionally, some two-dimensional works feature unique materials and techniques.  

For example, one work by Mary Frances Dickie titled How the Pierrot Grieves even utilizes the light from a projector to give the piece an illuminated appearance.  

Also, Julienne Pilcher’s Call Me Precious uses various fabrics and presentation methods to create a sense of nostalgia through the use of fashion. This is displayed using both a dress form and picture frames showcasing printed fabric.  

There additionally are two displays featuring banners created by Elizabeth Fowler using foil cardstock on string. The two works titled Validation and Stuck spell out messages for the audience to read and contemplate.  

Michael Montgomery also has various pieces that are captivating. One of his artworks titled Tenere: To Hold is a mixed media work that sits on a display in the middle of the gallery. It is meant to be wearable and to recreate the feeling “of being held” (according to the artist statement in the gallery). Another work of theirs that is intricate and impactful is called Stabbing myself with expensive needles, only to be called a woman. This piece includes many objects such as syringes and cologne that work together to create a piece that evokes an emotional response from the viewer.  

The various pieces in the exhibition were voted on by the students taking Intro to Museum Studies. Each work was evaluated based on a rubric and qualifying pieces were then placed into categories. Two separate shows emerged within the gallery: one involving the human condition and one focusing on nature.  

The works featuring the human condition are showcased in the main area of the Hall Gallery while the nature pieces are displayed in the emerging space off of the main area.  

Student Kate Thompson’s enjoyment of Intro to Museum Studies comes from the knowledge that the class has provided. She said, “The best part of the class has been learning behind the scenes things about museums no one else would know.” 

Additionally, this student exhibition was special to put together. “What makes this exhibition so special, is not only the amount of work but also the idea of bringing students together, who do not necessarily participate in art programming at Millsaps. Because it was open to all students, I feel as though this exhibition encourages students of all majors to participate, which is very special to me,” Madison Milano, a student in Intro to Museum Studies, said.  

The Hall Gallery is open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am until 4 pm. People are encouraged to attend and there is no entry fee.  

Those who helped create the exhibit (both the artists and the organizers) are thrilled for people to see it. Milano said, “We are all very happy with the way the exhibition turned out, and we hope that everyone enjoys it!”