New Pig on the Block: The P&W Reviews Pig & Pint

Where: 3139 N. State St.
Hours: 11 a.m.- 9 p.m.
Price: $$ ($10-$30)

            The Pig & Pint has that quintessential Fondren trendy feel, bringing barbecue into the neighborhood to round out its restaurant scene. Located in a renovated building right past Fondren’s main strip, the Pig & Pint just opened March 26 and has been slinging traditional barbecue fare all week.

It’s the type of restaurant that makes you feel nostalgic. It’s the type of place that has you ready for hot Mississippi summer sunsets, sitting outside with group of friends at the long wooden tables under the string lights as blues buzz consistently out of the speakers. Different quirky pig statues abound as decoration (I lost count of how many), and saloon doors block off the smoke rooms and kitchen.

The menu features classics such as pulled pork sandwiches, brisket and ribs, with sides such as fries, cole slaw or beans. But the Pig & Pint also offers a few more adventuresome options, like the barbeque nachos, pork belly corn dog and boudin burger. The focus though, is definitely on pork barbeque over beef or chicken—pork is what the chefs see as a Mississippi specialty. The restaurant also features some sauce option: a traditional barbecue, which stands as a classic, a sweet potato hot sauce, a mustard-based sauce and a vinegar-based sauce..

So that’s the pig. What about the pint? The eatery offers several tap beers on site for the 21+ crowd, including local Lucky Town brews, as well as many more standard beer options canned or in glasses (and yes, they have Bud Light, no need to worry, but are more focused on craft beer labels). The spotlight on local beer fits the community atmosphere established, but again, I wished for a few more options.

Final word: Atmosphere is what sells this place. The barbecue is good, no doubt, but pricey for a college budget.