Prospective Students Unlock Millsaps

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by Bekah Ervin

news editor

Last weekend, the Millsaps College Office of Admissions held Unlocking Millsaps for prospective students to get to know the school as well as life around Jackson and our campus. For Sarah McLean Archer, the event was a great success.

Archer is a Presidential Ambassador, “which is a fancy way of saying tour guide and office receptionist,” she says. Through this job, she often gets to show her love for Millsaps and encourage others to get to know it the way she does. She says Unlocking Millsaps gave her the opportunity to change it up from the typical campus tour this past weekend. Jake Bonnell, admission counselor, partnered Archer with her best friend Gracey Belote to show a touring group what kinds of friendships can be made at Millsaps. Archer and Belote “hope [they] weren’t too peppy for [their] group” and believe it was a great way to display what Millsaps has to offer.

In addition to tours, the Unlocking Millsaps event included a student panel, which allowed a variety of current students to talk about their college experience. Prospective students asked questions like “How is the food here?” and “What made you choose Millsaps?” This part of the day allowed the prospective students to get to know some current students and hear what they had to say about their school.

Archer explains that the office strives to celebrate Mother Millsaps and reveal her to prospective students so that they may see if the college is their home away from home. She also added that Admissions plans to continue to work as a team and represent the diversity and personality at Millsaps College. On April 1, the Office of Admissions is holding its annual Open Doors Day. This year there are plans to mix it up a bit. Archer says, “I don’t want to spoil too much, but our tried-and-true Molly Ringwalds concert is going to be replaced with something even more crazy and fun that I know Majors will love.”