Psychedelic Wonderment of TheJAG

by Erin Crosby

arts & life editor

The band TheJAG formed out of Jackson, Mississippi, when members Joe Regan, Gant O’Brian and Tyler King met in high school. Through jam sessions, the group formed its original sound, which fuses a psychedelic tune with pop-rock. They then moved to Nashville with the hopes of hitting it big and furthering their true identity as a band.

There TheJAG found its last group member, Scott Harper, and practiced for numerous hours to become the band that the members themselves would listen to. Tyler King believes that the group’s “inspiration stems from the longevity and strength in our friendships with one another. The best music is best made among and with your best friends.”

The group describes its ability to perform as constantly being “able to recreate that ghostly thing in front of a live audience and then to let it disappear again is magic”. They see a concert as an apparition, something that appears and disappears as you leave the concert, but also, as something you will never forger. A concert, to TheJAG, is a unique experience for every audience member as music is able to be interpreted according to the listener. The members’ wonder at the work that they do captures the attention of not only audience members but also large names as well. The group was asked to tour with Grace Potter when she saw it perform in New Orleans.

TheJAG has now finished its next album, its inspiration stemmed from Nashville. The group harnessed its emotions—even anger-—into energy and from that, it was able to create and record the album titled: Hypocricity..

The group’s ability to listen to each other has helped it rise over the years into a structured group with a unique sound that seductively invites anyone to listen.