P&W Playlists: Study Edition

by The Arts & Life Team

Finals are about to descend upon Millsaps this month.  Everyone deals with their stress a different way- chain smoking, harassing Millsaps Squirrels or entering an extreme state of denial and laying in the Bowl all day. Luckily, the P&W has a more productive way for you to deal with the studying stress. The fine folks in the Arts &Life office (Sanderson 303) have lovingly handcrafted not one but two playlists for your consumption. This is mainly because we realize that Millsaps is home to a wide variety of students, and it’s likely that (in the words Of Macklemore) “one’s man’s trash, that’s another man’s come up.”

     First up is the “P&W Chill Playlist.” It is full of soothing but still happy songs that will make you feel secure and loved. The P&W loves you, readers, and while we may be ethically unable to tutor you in Chemistry or teach you Greek, we still will show you sweet songs like a weird ‘90’s girlfriend making you a mixtape.  The P&W is your weird ‘90s girlfriend.

Second up, straight from the hard drive of Alex Melnick, is the P&W “Hard Mode” Playlist. When asked about this playlist, Alex Melnick had this to say:  “Well, I only listen to energetic punk music when I study.  I have had this problem since I was 12 and I am currently not seeking treatment. Yes, I have had several interventions.  I would not advise anyone try to talk to be about the current punk scene or even Gainesville. I’m only going to flip over a desk again because I’m going to get too excited and try and show you a ‘really cool’ song. It’s not a really cool song. I just get too hyped.

       I personally feel that ‘go hard or go home’ applies to most facets of life, including study music. Alas, I feel like there are not a lot of people on this campus who will appreciate the sweet sounds of ‘80’s hardcore punk. So I cooked up a pleasant little playlist of some contemporary bands that I feel like merit wide-spread broadcast to our student body. If you like angry people yelling and smashing things while you study, great. This playlist will work for you. If it doesn’t, it probably means you are a fully functioning adult and not a girl-child like me.”