Riposte: Fencing Club Rises

by Alex Melnick
arts & life editor

You know, if anyone but Lainey Johnson told me a bunch of Millsaps students had gotten a bunch of fencing swords and free rein to use them, I would bounce out of the entire campus so fast security would give me a speeding ticket. Luckily, Johnson is in charge of the Fencing Club this year. As it turns out, a fencing club is not a committee dedicated to discussing the relative merits and detriments of the fence around Millsaps. It is instead a group of people interested in learning the fine art of fighting with swords.

Photo by Faith Chamness

Johnson is a junior biology major with a minor in education. She initially started fencing at age 12, after watching The Parent Trap. She attended Millsaps three years ago and left due to health issues but luckily for fencing fans, she’s has reenrolled. Johnson was the president of a thriving Millsaps fencing club while a student, and intends to reinvigorate the group. She has submitted the paperwork to reorganize as a club, which she expects will go through soon.

     Initially, the club will not be competitive, but as the semester progresses, Johnson says group members can consider and vote on that option to compete. They practice in the Baptist Hospital Health Complex twice a week: Thursdays from 6:30 to 9 p.m. and Saturday mornings from 9:30 to noon. Johnson says fencing is a phenomenal workout and it especially improves your legs. No experience is necessary to join the club and that the entire experience is a blast.

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