Spotlight Athlete: Ty Proctor

by Megan Murray

sports editor

Ty Proctor is a sophomore quarterback for the Millsaps Majors. He is from Columbiana, Alabama and is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity on campus. With four games under his belt, he is 38-63 in completed passes and has recorded 400 total offensive yards and three touchdowns.

The Purple and White: Why did you start playing football?

Ty Proctor: I started playing football when I was about seven years old. My dad was a football coach at a really good high school in Alabama. He really pushed me to play baseball and football because that’s what he played when he was a kid. Once I started playing, I got really attached to it and just started really liking it.

P&W: Why did you choose to play football at Millsaps?

TP: I didn’t really want to go to a big state school because I was just going to be another number there. I took into account all the classes that I was going to be taking too and I wanted a really personal experience in classes but I also wanted a good, competitive sports life as well. I talked to three [schools] all in our conference: Birmingham Southern, Rhodes, and [Millsaps]. I really felt like Millsaps was the best fit. Everybody here is like a big family. I’m a business major, so the business program is really going to benefit me after sports is over.

P&W: What has been your greatest experience so far at Millsaps?

TP: One would probably think it’s the Belhaven game because it was my first start and I had a really great game, but I really love camp. We come in before everyone else on campus and we just get to spend a couple weeks together as a team and really bond and getting to know each other and getting better and getting ready for the season.

P&W: How do you handle the role of quarterback especially as a sophomore?

TP: It’s a really demanding position, but I’ve never been afraid of a challenge of stepping up to a big role. I feel like there’s a lot of opportunity to go along with it. I’m just looking forward to more opportunities and more chances to step up and do a good job for my team.

P&W: What are you expecting from yourself for the rest of the season?

TP: I think it’s a whole team thing right now. We’re expecting ourselves to win every game. We’re going to put in the work everyday and we know we can’t lose any more games if we expect to go to playoffs because we have to win conference. This next stretch of conference games is going to be pretty tough, but I feel like we have the right guys and the right motivation and drive to do what is necessary and required to win and prove to ourselves that we’re a good team.

The Majors football team has six games left on their schedule and they are all conference games. They take on Centre this Saturday at Harper Davis field. Kick off is set for 1 PM.

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