Spring Parties

by Arts & Life Team

  Spring Parties are finally here!  You are completely ready.  You have prepared beverages, hand crafted a cup (or had a cup made for you), designed your playlist, and loaded up on carbs to give you enough energy for the day.  In the midst of your planning, you have forgotten all about the most important thing- your outfit.  Do not fear, your faithful P&W staff has got you covered!  Here is a list of Spring Party outfit ideas that can not go wrong!

     1. Sun’s out, guns out!  Am I right?  It is finally springtime, so as long as you aren’t going to blind anyone with your pale arms, this is the perfect opportunity to break out a tank!

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2. If you are looking to catch a tan on more than just your arms, you could always go with a crop top instead!

3.  If you choose to show a little skin, but are worried about showing a bit too much, a bandeau or colorful sports bra is a great way to make sure you are covered without having to add an entire extra layer.

     4.  If you are particularly close with a certain fraternity (or are a member of one), you could always support/promote them by wearing one of their t-shirts!

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 5.  If you are looking to be a bit bolder with your outfit, leis and tie-dye are a sure fire way to stand out while still looking ready to chill out.

6.  On the ultra classy side of outfit options lie sundresses and shirts with buttons (Hawaiian, fishing, or otherwise).  These are your best option if you want to look nice enough to do more than just house hop this weekend.

     7.  As far as bottoms go, the P&W is in full support of frayed jean shorts for the ladies, and cargos for the men.  These are sure to match with whatever else you choose to wear, and will not stain easily if you eat messy foods or spill your drinks.download (10)

   8.  If you are not wearing sandals or boating shoes, do not speak to us.  There is no other appropriate shoe to convey the feelings of springtime.

9.  If you want to add a little something extra to your outfit (or if you don’t want your face to get sunburnt), a hat is just what you need.  Sun hats, baseball hats, party hats, the P&W staff loves them all the same!

     10.  The sun feels great on your skin, but not in your eyes.  Make sure you grab some sunglasses on your way out the door to avoid burning your retinas, looking squinty in pictures, and being miserable come noon.

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