Students Celebrate Culture at Black Arts & Music Festival

On Tuesday evening, students gathered in the Campbell Conference Center to join in the Black Arts & Music Festival hosted by the Intercultural Student Organization. The event consisted of a variety of different performances, including the Millsaps Jazz Band, and students from Tougaloo College, as well as students from the LBGTQ community, the Jewish community, and other campus communities. The Intercultural Student Organization also reached out to the surrounding Jackson community, such as Tougaloo College and Murrah High School.

Ericka Wheeler, president of the Intercultural Student Organization, said, “The importance of community is big in black culture, so we welcomed whomever we could to join and share in our culture.” She also commented on the fact that these Black History Month celebrations are not exclusively for black people, but for people of all backgrounds to share in celebrating. “Black history is not simply the history of black people, but of all people who have shaped and participated in the history of black people,” Wheeler said.

There are more opportunities to get involved with Black History Month celebrations. Negro Necropolis: The Black History Experience will take place on Tuesday, February 23, in the Millsaps Bowl and on Thursday, February 25, the Millsaps Black Student Union will host a panel discussion on the topic of “Do #AllLivesMatter?” in AC 215.