Students Discuss Presidential Candidates

by Bekah Ervin

news editor

The Purple and White went to the streets (i.e. social media) to find out whom Millsaps students support in the current presidential election. Individuals that chose to participate were asked the following question: Who do you support in the presidential election this year? What is your main reason for wanting to vote for that candidate?

The results were varied and are reported as follows:

Emily Hussey, sophomore: I voted for John Kasich. As a registered Republican in Louisiana, which is a closed primary state, my choices were slim. I believe Kasich to be the best fit for the nation (at least on the GOP side, by far) – especially regarding his views on the deficit crisis and foreign policy.

Emily Hussey.jpg
Emily Hussey

Lucy Kaplan, freshman: I like Bernie, and I actually have [liked him] from the first time I read about him (about a year ago). I like his educational and economic policy! I’d vote democratic either way though.

Lucy Kaplan.jpg
Lucy Kaplan

Alex Foust, junior: I’m voting for Ted Cruz. He’s an honest man with an incredible résumé. I admire the integrity he has and as a Christian I really like his devotion to his faith. I feel like a man that honors God before all things in his life should be commander and chief. He firmly respects the constitution and the Second Amendment, he’s done a great job as a Senator, and as an official I feel like he’ll never promise anything too unreasonable or obscure that he feels won’t be accomplished. All in all, I feel like he has a secure plan to restore the deficits the U.S. has had to experience, and he will be a voice and representation of the people.

Alex Foust.jpg
Alex Foust

Camille Barlow, freshman: I support Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. I would say my main reason for voting for her is that she has a highly qualified political background.

Camille Barlow.jpg
Camille Barlow

Bailey Smith, freshman: I voted for Bernie Sanders because he’s getting money out of politics, creating a clean energy system, and fighting income inequality.

Bailey Smith.jpg
Bailey Smith

Allie Judge, junior: I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary. Not only do I agree with many of his policies, but I believe Sander’s commitment to moral and democratic principles make him the best leader for our country. I fully trust that his decisions will be made with the good of the American people in mind.

Allie Judge.jpg
Allie Judge

Noah Crosley, freshman: I voted for John Kasich because he’s the only candidate remaining with executive experience and the will to lead Americans of all backgrounds.

Noah Crosley.jpg
Noah Crosley

Anna Sit, sophomore: Bernie Sanders. I agree with the majority of his policies, but chances are, he’s not going to win his nomination. So Chillary. Let’s go!

Anna Sit.jpg
Anna Sit

Daniel Kees, senior: I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because, while promises abound in politics, I’ve chosen to place my confidence in someone with a record of action. I need to know that my candidate can get something done with this current Congress, as it will be at least two years before we see any changes in those office holders. We can’t wait two more years for progress. We need someone who can make things happen now.

Daniel Kees.jpg
Daniel Kees



(Editor’s note: All photos of participants were used with permission of the individuals.)