Survey Results: Data

Survey Results: Data

The Purple and White conducted an online survey as part of our February 2021 Ice Storm Coverage, open to the entire Millsaps community, including students, faculty, administration, and staff. Click here to read the experience-based results from our survey.

The survey was released February 27th 2021 by P&W members through social media, clubs, and email. The survey continued into mid-March, and received a total of 40 respondents.  

Class Standing: 

Freshman: 6 students (15%) 

Sophomore: 9 students (22.5%) 

Junior: 13 students (32.5%) 

Senior: 11 students (27.5%) 

Graduate: 1 student (2.5%) 


Off-campus (Commute): 4 students (10%) 

On-campus: 30 students (75%) 

Other (Moved off-campus during the crisis): 6 students (15%) 

*The survey was amended to include the following questions after the survey had already gone live. As such, the following questions only had 26 respondents. 

Please rate the College’s effort to provide utilities and clean, acceptable facilities or alternative resources 

3 stars (Average rating: 3.12 / 5) 

Please rate the College’s communication during this crisis 

3 stars (Average rating: 3.04 / 5) 

Please rate the College’s handling of COVID-10 during the water crisis 

3 stars (Average rating: 2.88 / 5) 

Please rate the overall response by College leadership (e.g. President Pearigen, Dean Dunn) 

2 stars (Average rating: 2.31 / 5) 

Please rate the overall response by student life (e.g. Katie Sorey, Dean Brown, John Fenner) 

3 stars (Average rating: 3.31 / 5) 

Please rate the response of maintenance staff 

4 stars (Average rating: 4.46 / 5) 

Please rate the response of professors 

4 stars (Average rating: 3.92 / 5) 

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