Un-Kava-Ring Millsaps’ New Restaurant

by Zachary Smith
arts & life editor

In case you have not noticed, Millsaps is in the middle of changing several facets of the school. It is no surprise that the change getting the most buzz is the meal plan, and in particular to the Kava House.

The vanguard of Kava’s rapidly changing landscape is the newly hired Chef Nicholas Leist. With plans of turning the area into a restaurant-style alternative to the cafeteria, Chef Nick set out to revamp the menu.

First off he added a complete Kava House restaurant menu that includes everything from a Portobello mushroom burger to fish tacos. The wait is a little longer, but the new reduced meal plan dollars can be used to pay for food off this menu. For the to-go menu, the old sandwich line model remains, so students maintain the ability to grab food and go to class quickly. But now there is now a fast, hot option that could be anything from fettuccine alfredo to Aztec casserole. Each day Leist also plans a vegetarian option, which changes on a day-to-day basis.

If you want to know what is on the menu today follow Kava’s regularly updated Instagram page: millsaps_kava.