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Patricia Syner

The Curse of the Jackson Water Crisis

It goes without saying that one of the biggest campus casualties of Jackson’s most recent water crisis is the disruption of our classes at Millsaps College. With some classes rescheduled,

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Clint Dooley

The Blonde Movie: An Invasive Disaster

Ana de Armas delivers an uncanny, transformative performance as screen legend Marilyn Monroe, but aside from outstanding aesthetics, the impressiveness of this anticipated production fades quickly as exploitation takes the

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Grace Fruge

Is Millsaps Ableist?

Millsaps College prides itself on being a campus where “you belong here.” Yet, if this were really true, students who face physical disabilities would not have such a challenging time

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Kris Arrington and Kristian Palmer

Food Review: Oops All Vegan

Although the vegan options in the Millsaps caf are…enticing, it’s nice to be aware of the other options near campus. Being vegan should not impact your food experience. As a

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