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Blast From the Past: 1961

Article by Ed Woodall Jr. from the February 14, 1961 Purple and White issue

As time goes by and new media arises, old sources of media become nearly irrelevant. We see this happening in our lifetimes. Things like television, radio, magazines, and newspapers have slowly become outdated and replaced by new sources of news. 

The Purple & White began in January 1909, as a print-only campus newspaper. To keep up with the times and working around funding, the paper switched to an online-only edition in January 2014.

This semester, the Millsaps College campus newspaper, The Purple & White, will be making a return to campus. The revival is being led by Dr. Michael Pickard and his History of the Media class. They will release a new print issue and redesign the paper’s website to appeal to the campus community. 

 The History of the Media class is made up of 25 students broken up into three teams: Symposium, Website, and Print Paper. Each team has been assigned a goal to ensure the success of the paper. 

  • Symposium- Inform the Campus community of the history and future of the purple and white through a forum held in the Christian Center. The event will include speakers from past and present editors, readers and journalists from the paper. 
  • Website- The Purple & White website was appealing for older audiences. In an effort to appeal to a younger more media-savvy campus community, the website is going a serious overhaul. It will Utilize widgets, colors, and layouts geared for an audience of young, on the go readers.
  • Print Paper- The team will be working on developing a newsroom assigning positions such as editor, photographer, and journalists working towards revamping a print edition of the 110-year-old paper. The paper will be printed once a semester and will include everything you need to know on campus ranging from sports to academics. 

Dr. Pickard’s History of the Media class has been working extremely hard on bringing back a student-run newspaper. The class also encourages aspiring journalists, editors, photographers, etc. to please reach out to Dr. Pickard ( to find out more information on how you can get involved with the campus newspaper. 

Written by: Landon Wimberley and Karley Williams 


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  1. Sam Cole

    -at least 5 former editors (certain there are others) from the time when we published almost WEEKLY (except for holiday periods) live in the Jackson area & most would probably be excited to attend Symposium or other classes/events/sessions !!!! – I can provide names, emails, etc. Thank you !
    —-Sam Cole -intramural sports writer, Editor ’62 & Business Manager ’63- / President, Mississippi Scholastic Press Association – College-University Division ’63

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