A Plea for Unity: In Order to See it, We Must Be it

During the election year of 2020, the United States found itself in a tense, divided atmosphere. Of course, during every election year, voters will choose sides. However, this election carried a potent force that threatened to drive a wedge in America. Unfortunately,…

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Unity Starts With You

Conversations like the Talking Truth: The Path To Healing discussion held on the National Day of Healing—January 19th, 2021—are productive and important to how we shape our present community into a racially unified community.  "Racism is an invasive disease."  Two…

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Speaking Up Against Discrimination
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Speaking Up Against Discrimination

In the midst of one of my semesters, silence was the very thing that hurt me. No, it wasn’t a physical attack or something that was deeply scarring, but it…

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