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Blast From the Past: 1944

Article by John Malone from the August 25, 1944 Purple and White issue























Four years separate us from the rest of our lives. We’re on the cusp of new beginnings and the verge of freedom. Unfortunately many of our fellow classmates will graduate and look back on their college years with regret. Likely because they didn’t involve themselves in the campus community. For many of us at Millsaps, our four years will be filled with athletics such as football, track, softball, and swim. We spend two to three hours everyday grinding away at the sport we love with teammates who have the potential to become lifetime friends. Millsaps College encourages us each day to immerse ourselves in campus organizations. Some students do this by joining clubs, student government, or Greek life. The college provides us with numerous opportunities to invest our time. Nothing is required of us. We as students have the option to float aimlessly around campus or to get involved in activities that will be around far longer than we ourselves will. 

Get involved. Make new friends and explore new opportunities. Just don’t rush through these times too quickly and forget to breathe, because these are the times that will shape you the most. They’ll be the foundation for future and what’s to come. The Netflix binges when you should be studying, the locker room dance parties with your team, the final bow of your last show or the last lunch you have together with your friends: these moments, along with a great education, make Millsaps worth it. The memories, the joy, and the people that make this life worth living. There is no such thing as the “good ole days.” All of these days are good. Every second of life is good. Don’t graduate and think back on your experience at Millsaps with regrets. Enjoy these four years and make sure you don’t forget to breathe.

(Written by: Landon Wimberley, Karley Williams, Latrell Dace and Emma Dotson)