Coming Soon: The Millsaps Van Wilder

by Garrett Coble
opinions editor

     Time and again, nostalgic seniors warn underclassmen to cherish the fleeting era of college. They warn us just how quickly those four years can pass. But why limit yourself to four years?

Charlie Sagan didn’t.

Have you even wondered what it feels like to be a real-life Van Wilder, or wondered just how good the “good old days” really were? Have you ever wanted to snatch your own industrial-sized tray of cornbread?

Charlie Sagan did.

I sat down with Chuck to gain insight from his time here at Millsaps, a time amounting to the better part of a decade. He provided me with a hilarious perspective and a few choice adventures. In addition to such shenanigans, he offered his view on the evolution of rules and attitudes at Millsaps. To hear all this and more, tune into the Opinions section next Friday.

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