DIY: For France

by Erin Crosby
arts and life editor

This week’s DIY is a political statement. A group of terrorists attacked France on November 13. That day, 129 people were killed and at least 350 more wounded in the actions, which the self-proclaimed Islamic State has taken credit for. The attacks seemed to be targeted at tourist spots including restaurants, a theater where an American group was performing, and a soccer stadium.

Following the bombings, the people of France (whose capitol Paris is called “the city of lights”) turned off their lights to mourn for those they lost. Other countries and iconic cities including Washington D.C, New York City, Toronto, Australia, London, Dallas and more shined lights in the colors of the French flag on their capitol buildings, monuments, and other important architecture.

These national examples of unity are important as they help to remind the French, and the rest of the world, that despite the terrible events, we can come together and take a stand.

Therefore, in honor of these horrific occurrences, this week’s DIY is a political statement on a local level. I believe that Millsaps College students, as we are known for being a   school that takes an aggressive stance against wrongdoings, should decorate their halls and dorms in honor of the fallen in France.


This is super simple to do and would cost just $3:

Simply go to the nearest dollar store or craft store and purchase solid blue, white and red wrapping paper. Then, simply cover your dorm door or hallway section with blue, then white, and then red strips of wrapping paper.


If we take to social media with our dorms being decorated in honor of France, then we spread awareness and show that we will stand united against the terrible actions that occurred on in France last week.