EcoGrounds Makes Its Case to Faculty and Students

by Claudia Brunson

news editor

When walking inside of the College Center on Millsaps’ campus one is sure to see students and faculty waiting in line to get their hands on a cup of coffee before a class or important meeting begins. EcoGrounds Coffee has showcased the many options that they allow to their guests including coffee, grilled sandwiches, smoothies, and more. The Director of Food Services, Amy Abbott, says that she has heard nothing but positive feedback about EcoGrounds.

“At ecoGrounds, we say “consciously great coffee” because quality comes from attention to detail,” Abbott said. “We invest in certified coffees and teas, responsible sourcing and better business practices because they make a difference for our trading partners and our environment.”

For Kandice Bailey, a senior at Millsaps College, the arrival of EcoGrounds to campus brought mixed emotions. She was concerned that EcoGrounds would be a little pricey for her liking and that the food options that would be limited.

“I’ve tried it [the food] it’s pretty good, it is kind of basic, it’s just a bagel and a scone,” Bailey said. “I mean and they are good but they are not anything special or homemade that we used to have. We used to have fish tacos, peanut butter sandwiches and although simple they were nice to have. Whereas this is just stuff I could buy from like Walmart.”

Abbott ascertains that all of the food, coffee, and tea contents are brought from certified vendors and is properly prepared by EcoGround associates.

“No, we are committed to providing safe food, safe environments, and a healthy workplace for our associates, clients, and customers,” Abbott said.

Bailey would like to see some changes made to EcoGrounds however, such as the option to use a meal swipe and have healthier food and drink options. Likewise, she would also like to see EcoGrounds open up two registers to make the flow of heavy traffic a little more easier.

“[How the coffee tastes at EcoGrounds] depends on which day you go and who makes it,” Bailey said. “Some days it could be really good and taste like it is from Cups or Starbucks and other days it’s bland, tasteless, it is just not that great. And it is not always healthy for you. Sometimes when I drink it my stomach will hurt a lot of my head will start hurting and I will start feeling real sluggish so I am not exactly sure how much sugar they are putting in the coffee but it just does not seem like a healthy thing.”