History of Beer

by Jules Gonsoulin


On Monday, Oct. 7, Dr. James Bowley will be hosting a “History of Beer Dinner” at Sal & Mookie’s.   The event is open to anyone seeking knowledge regarding the history of the beverage, as well as those who just want to have a good time on a Monday night.

The night will feature a special menu prepared by Chef Dan Blumethal, featuring specific pairings of delicious food and historical brews.  Attendees will learn all about beer from Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ireland, Germany and the United States, as well as a brief biblical history on beer, which aims to address the question, “Why isn’t beer mentioned in the bible?” The flyer for the event also poses the question, “Do we owe civilization to beer?”  Dr. Bowley says the dinner “will be very educational and very delicious.”

Anyone interested in going should be aware that only those 21 or older can actually drink the beer.  No previous knowledge of beer is required.  Just an open mind and curiosity.   The price to go is $60 per person, and students can make reservations by calling 601-368-1919 or emailing maggieb@salandmookies.com.  This is definitely not something to miss out on.  The flyer calls the dinner a “once in a lifetime event.”  It will definitely offer insight to an influential part of civilization through the years, and students will get the opportunity to taste what humans tasted in ancient times, as well as what people currently drink internationally.

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