Katie Iskra: Making History

by Megan Murray

sports editor

Katie Iskra is a 5’4” junior lacrosse player from West Roxbury, Massachusetts. She made history two weeks ago, becoming only the second player in Millsaps College history to record 100 goals in her career. Iskra also received the Southern Athletic Association Lacrosse Player of the Week award last week.IMG_2923

Photo courtesy of Millsaps Sports Information

The Purple and White: Why did you choose to come to Millsaps?

Katie Iskra: I chose Millsaps because I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to continue playing lacrosse while getting an exceptional education. I was also very excited to explore another part of the country that I had never seen before. I took a chance on Millsaps and it was totally worth it.

P&W: How did it feel to score 100 goals?

KI: I’m proud to have reached the 100 mark, it is a big deal for any lacrosse player. However, Coach MacDonald refuses to celebrate until I hit 200.

P&W: To what do you contribute your success?

KI: I think it’s only fair to contribute my success in part to my teammates. Without them this game wouldn’t be nearly as fun. And of course I appreciate all their passes to assist my goals. Without them I wouldn’t have made it to my 100th.

P&W: How did it feel to win SAA Player of the Week?

KI: I was very excited when I found out that I had won player of the week. It’s a goal that I had set for myself for the past few seasons. It feels good to finally have achieved it.

P&W: Do you have any pregame rituals?

KI: I only have two pre-game rituals that I absolutely need to do before I play a game. The first one is that I need to call my dad the morning of a game. He always knows how to get me pumped up and excited to get out there and play. The second ritual is that my teammate, Adriana Lopez-Esteban, has to do my hair. It can only be her. It has to be braided a certain way and I have to use two hair elastics. If it’s not up to her standards she’ll take it out and start all over again. She braided my hair for my first lacrosse game freshman year and has done it before almost every game since then. She’s the real MVP.

P&W: What are your expectations for the rest of the season for yourself and the team?

KI: Our expectations for the rest of the season are very simple. We want to win our last regular season game this Saturday against Berry. If that goes as planned, we will host Berry for our first game of the tournament. From there, we want to keep moving forward and win the conference tournament. We want to bring home our first trophy.