Last Minute Swap Ideas

by Erin Crosby

arts & life editor

College is a time for learning, a time for fun and a time for being so broke that you are constantly “borrowing” money from parents. That’s why the P&W is starting a feature called “Do It Yourself: Because There Are No Other Options.” From decorating dorms to costumes for swaps, this feature will be a guide to surviving and thriving in college on a ramen-noodle budget.

Today’s DIY is all about swaps. With almost half of our campus being involved with Greek Life, swaps are a great way to meet new students. However, , many of have discovered same problem: How can you dress well for a swap while not going over budget? The solution?

Jackson offers a plethora of thrift shops. This not only helps when finding common costumes (such as a Hawaiian shirt for a luau swap), but it can also be helpful with the wackiest of outfits that you could need. This is because thrift stores have clothes for under $5 that you can tear apart and make something completely different. You can buy a white shirt and tie-dye it for a Woodstock swap or a sun hat that you can cut the middle out of to make a lion mane for a circus swap. The possibilities are endless if you know how to look [1]. With only $20 in your pocket, you can buy an endless amount of supplies!

A second option that is especially great for incoming freshman who have yet to build on their box of costumes is to ask around. Many swap themes are reused over and over again, so upperclassmen may still have an outfit that they wore and now would be willing to loan you.

Common themes and good ideas:

1. America: If you ever go into a thrift shop, you are sure to be able to find something with a flag or camouflage on it. You could also take a green shirt and paint loosely formed brown ovals on it to be a camo shirt.

2. Hawaiian: Thrift stores almost always have a plethora of Hawaiian shirts. Therefore, paying the extra cash upfront would guarantee a costume for the other beach swaps. Also, you could wear a tank top and sunglasses with a white dot on your nose (to represent sun tan lotion) and go as a lifeguard.

3. Throwback: This swap theme can be easily formed by combining random clothes from your closet. Converse, fringe, tie-dye, metallic anything and leather jackets with a white tee shirt can be perfect costume additions.

Hope this helped!

[1] The Salvation Army: 110 Presto Ln City

Thrift: 55 N,Jackson, MS 39206

Goodwill: 863 Centre St # A, Ridgeland, MS 39157