Major Havoc Begins Brainstorming

by Erin Crosby

arts & life editor

This week, the cast of Major Havoc, which is loosely directed by Peter Friedrich as he has allowed the students to take control of the show, began work on this year’s performance. The experience will be different from last year, thanks to a bigger cast, more practice days, new ideas, and three teams who will each take one night to perform their 30 shows in 60 minutes.

The students have already each written three plays in just one week of practicing. The groups are well-rounded and contain a mix of Major Havoc vets and newbies from different backgrounds as well as classes.

There is more to the Major Havoc experience than just 30 hilarious skits in 60 minutes. The event gets students’ creative juices flowing. Each student involved is responsible for approximately three shows that they will write, cast and direct. Major Havoc also contains a mix of humorous plays and serious plays. For example, a common theme this year that has been tossed around is that of learning disabilities. Many students at Millsaps have learning disabilities but are often forgotten about when people discuss issues at our school. Another common theme is that of social issues such as gay marriage. These serious plays help get students thinking about common problems that our country is facing in an environment that can turn to comedic in the next segment. These “more important” plays help balance the performance and keep audiences informed, yet on their toes for what may happen next.

Major Havoc will be performed in February at the Leggett Center, and if you did not audition officially yet want to be apart of it, email Peter Friedrich at as he is always looking for volunteers to join what is already looking to be one of Millsaps’s greatest performances yet.