Meet the Millsapian: Alfie Miller

By Courtney Cleveland

Features Editor

Alfie Miller is a freshman from London, England who is planning to double major in accounting and economics. He is a goalkeeper for the Millsaps’ soccer team and enjoys being in the sun and eating.


The Purple and White: What made you come to Millsaps?

Alfie Miller: So basically (Millsaps) offered the balance between soccer and academics, which a lot of colleges didn’t really offer. It was either one or the other, and Millsaps had the best combination of the two. And the sun—I like the sun. I also wanted to experience the cultural differences between London and the South…In terms of the people, the food, and the music.


P&W: What’s your favorite memory you’ve made on campus?

AM: Spending a lot of time with and getting to know the people on my soccer team. But also being in an environment where everyone gets to know one another so quickly. Other than that, I guess some of the parties.


P&W: What’s your strongest personal quality?

AM: I like to think I’m fairly easy to talk to. I mean, I talk a lot, but I don’t know if that means I’m easy to talk to.


P&W: Tell me something embarrassing about yourself.

AM: I’ve knocked the same tooth out four times. The first time was go-carting. One time I hit myself in the face with a cricket bear. The third time, I was playing tag rugby and the fourth time I was just kicked in the face, so there you go.


P&W: What do you do when you’re bored?

AM: I’ll either…I mean, there’s stuff to do in Jackson itself, but on campus, just hang out with friends. Living in the dorms the way they’re set up, it’s so easy to just walk out in the hall or walk up the stairs to see someone…or play soccer.


P&W: What do you plan to do over the summer?

I’m going to go home, and I’m probably going to visit a few places in Europe—people I know and such. I’m also going to work a bit, to make some money for next semester. I’m working at a kids sports camp.


P&W: What’s a cancelled TV show that you wish you could bring back?

AM: The old “Top Gear” with the old presenters, basically. It’s a car show, but like a comedy car show.


P&W: Which celebrity would you like to switch places with and why?

AM: Gianluigi Buffon—he’s the Italian goalkeeper, and he was my idol growing up. I say that and I don’t know how to spell his first name.


P&W: Where do you see yourself after graduating Millsaps?

AM: I don’t think I’m allowed to say stay here because then I’ll get deported. Io work in L.A., so Atlanta would probably be the best combo.


P&W: Describe yourself in three words.

AM: Athletic, talkative, and determined.


The Purple and White thanks Alfie for talking with us! If you or someone you know would like to be the next “Meet the Millsapian,” you can email me at