Millsaps Athletics Moving to D1 to Boost Athletic Prowess

by Jules Gonsoulin

sports editor

This weekend, Millsaps sports officials announced an unprecedented change to the school’s athletic makeup, as the Majors will be participating in the Southeastern Conference of NCAA Division I, effective Fall 2015. Although this will be quite an adjustment for athletes, it will likely increase applications from prospective student athletes.

photo courtesy Millsaps Sports Information
photo courtesy Millsaps Sports Information

Many believe this is simply an effort to spite Millsaps’ rivals, the Mississippi College Choctaws, as they made the move from Division III to Division II. Others think the change is in response to demands by southern fraternity men on campus, who are eager to experience SEC tailgates. Either way, the coaches and athletic director essentially realized that you only live once, so you might as well compete with the best of the best.

College officials state that the move to the Southeastern Conference was what “felt natural,” since Millsaps is nestled in the heart of the Southeast, between schools such as Ole Miss, Alabama and Louisiana State. Therefore, traveling will not be nearly as tedious as it has been in the past.

Although traveling won’t be so tough, competing will definitely present the Majors with a few challenges. Millsaps has already scheduled LSU, Ole Miss and Florida for the 2015 football season, as well as a pair of non-conference games against Virginia Tech and Florida State.