Millsaps College Welcomes New Athletic Director, Josh Brooks

by Liz Newton

assistant sports editor

photo courtesy Millsaps Sports Information
photo courtesy Millsaps Sports Information

With former athletic director Tim Wise resigning from his former post, Millsaps College has hired a highly ambitious new director to take his spot. Josh Brooks, from Hammond, La., has played multiple sports including baseball and football. He has always been drawn to working with athletics, and through coaching, he has found himself drawn to more responsibility and leadership henceforth accepting the position of athletic director. He was previously the associate athletic director at the University of Georgia.

Working with an idea of servant leadership—leading by putting oneself in other’s shoes—Brooks has big plans for the athletics at Millsaps. Brooks says he plans to “explore growth [in athletics] through the fan experience by thinking of outside-of-the-box ideas for games.” For example, he is extending an invitation to all the elementary students in the Jackson area, free of charge. Brooks has also planned a beach-theme for the first game, hoping to create a family-friendly environment with a slip and slide and snowcones for the kids. The new Lucky Town beer garden will also open for those of age at the first game, which is Sept. 6.

“By motivating students to come out to games, I am also encouraging the student body to come together,” Brooks says.