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Food Review: Oops All Vegan

Although the vegan options in the Millsaps caf are…enticing, it’s nice to be aware of the other options near campus. Being vegan should not impact your food experience. As a meat eater with vegan friends, I’ve noticed a growing need for good but greasy food.  We set out to find close options and expand our taste buds. We found Oops All Vegan, a restaurant located at 4409 N State St, Jackson, MS. It is seven minutes away from campus. When we arrived on a Friday afternoon at 1:00 pm, there were no customers, and we were able to freely examine the area. The hours are listed below.

The ambience is perfect for studying, or chilling.  It is Black owned, and we were welcomed by Erykah Badu playing in the background. The bright colors throughout the restaurant make you excited to eat.

Kristian and Kris play Connect For before food arrived
Picture wall near the entrance
Dining Area

Overwhelmed at all the options, we asked for the six most popular items. Kristian ordered the Philly Cheese Steak, Loaded Nachos, and a Chicken Teriyaki Bowl. Kris ordered Cauliflower Wings with Sweet Chili Sauce, Buffalo Loaded Fries, and the BBB burger. While we waited for our food, we played Connect Four near the entrance. Three other options are provided: Dominoes, UNO, and Jenga, in case you want to bring friends (you will want to). It took 16 minutes for our food to arrive.

BBB Burger $10.50  

We split the BBB Burger first and found its picture does not do it justice. The burger bread is made of Texas toast, and the burger itself has the consistency of a regular burger. Inside onions, lettuce, and pickles create a juicy and tangy burst of flavor.  The bread is lightly toasted and salted, balancing the multitude of flavors within the sandwich.

Buffalo Loaded Fries $12.00  

Next up were the Buffalo Loaded Fries: crispy vegan chicken, lettuce, and pickles, on top of long skinny fries. The buffalo sauce is solid, and we almost got full on the fries alone, but we stopped only so we could have more vegan food. After all, we were eating this for ‘research.’

WANGZ Cauliflower (Sweet Chili) $9.00

The sweet chili cauliflower wings are the perfect choice for people who like spicy food, but don’t want to wash their food down with milk. The inside of the fried cauliflower is tender, and the outside is the right degree of crunchy. You taste sweetness of the chili first, and then the heat is a brief after-taste.

Nachos $11.50

Everyone knows Nachos are a fundamental staple in fast food. Oops All Vegan chips are sturdy, and the toppings abundant, including tomatoes, black beans, and jalapeños.

Philly Cheese Steak $10.50

The nachos paired well with the Philly Cheese Steak. The “meat” consistency is that of ground steak. The sandwich has mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, green bell peppers, and Swiss cheese. It was delicious, and very close imitation of its Pennsylvania namesake.

Teriyaki Bowl $12.50

To finish off our big meal, we ate the Teriyaki Bowl. The bowl contains wild brown rice, broccoli, steamed carrots, crispy vegan chicken, and the recurring sweet chili sauce. The ‘chicken’ consistency is nothing like tofu. consistency. It’s hard to distinguish from actual chicken.

Customer service was good, the food was delivered in a timely manner, and we enjoyed ourselves. Kristian said, “I didn’t expect to get full, but I’m thoroughly surprised it’s very filling.” The food maintains the heartiness of Southern American food although meat is replaced with vegetables. We both highly recommend trying out the food at Oops All Vegan.


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